View Full Version : "No answer from boot1" says ODM Rocker on v177 and W377. Why?

16th April 2009, 15:54
Hello People, as you can see in picture attached here I am facing some issues with this two models (v177 and W377, maybe with others too) I can't connect them...always says: No answer from boot1

I confirm following steps:

- I changed speed to 155..., 921...., etc.... (same situation)
- I used another ODM Rocker versions.... (same situation)
- I used Prolific (PL-2303 adapter), normal RS-232 cable and FTDI box interface (RJ-45 connector)..... (same situation)
- Default parameters in COM Port speed and settings.

So...I don't know what can I do else.....any idea? why happend this?

Maybe someone can give me real and tested results about this problem.