View Full Version : fisrt flash w270 die phone T_T help me

11th February 2009, 13:39
today got auto restart w270 phone,im try download AP00480.0042.K2.LP_W270_0042_A03.FLEX_W270_A5_006. ubf
im check full and write and phone die,try check fw,pack with this file and it same
try flash flex and lp i got back up
MOTOROLA_H38S_0_0_36_0036_A03_Full_35247802009046. ubf.ubf.bkp but only 1k :ack2:
now need ur help, what can i do next?what diffrent about full and fw and pack?:ack2:
Phone found
Sending signature
Sending boot
Sending signature
Boot sent
Boot Succesfully Loaded
Locosto HS
Flash: ST M36L0R7040U0 16MB
Flash size : 16777216
Model type :
FW version :
Flex version : Unknown
LP version : 0031_A04
IMEI : 352478020***xx
oh s%%T,maybe im check wrong?when use high sw e must use update moden,if full must same sw <==it right

11th February 2009, 14:57
problem solve with repair eprom 1.29 flash again 0036 and update 0042 it done,wow fisrt try with rocker ^_^
close topid plez thx

11th February 2009, 19:30
Goog Job Friend!
All is ok!
This Thread can be Closed.

2nd July 2009, 21:08
plz help me..... how to flash w230? with flash file thanks

3rd July 2009, 03:28
plz help me..... how to flash w230? with flash file thanks
Hello!Connect Rocker Dongle to Computer,Download last
version of ODM Rocker,download correct flash from support
Open ODM Rocker, connect Phone,select files for Flash and
Flash phone.Is easy.