View Full Version : w388 unlock error

8th August 2009, 08:29
help me please how to unlock w388 i tried to unlock but gave me error

Check if phone already booted
Power ON phone shortly
Searching device ...
Phone found
Sending signature
Sending boot
Sending signature
Boot sent
Boot Succesfully Loaded
Locosto HS
Flash: Intel RD384060MOY3CE 32 MB
Flash size : 33554432
Model type : MOTOROLA_M83S
FW version : 0.1.41
LP version : 0141_A04
IMEI : 35249802815620
Unlocking started
Read backup...
Err :0x03
Needed data not found!
Please flash good eeprom!

9th August 2009, 03:28
Hi, just try to follow sw instructions.

Get one FF, open it with v1.34 then tick EEPROM ONLY, click on WRITE button. After that reconnect phone then do Unlock again.